Darkling Vampires

Darkling Vampires A Darkling is a wretched faerie indeed.  Once, she was a warrior, a part of life, a muse to inspire Mankind.

But tragedy destroyed all that beauty, leaving behind a hungry husk that longs for the energy she once had.  In her hunger and cold despair, she strikes out against the vibrant world, sucking the happiness and potentials of those around her…only to find that nothing can fill that gaping hole.

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Time of the Faeries is the husband and wife team of Joseph Corsentino and Donny Ha Corsentino. With the help of some madly devoted, or just mad, friends, Joseph and Donny create images and stories that reimagines the modern mythology, taking urban fantasy from the the realm of illustrations and the written word into realistic photo-illustrations that begs the question, "What is reality and what is fantasy?"

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