Nephilim Angels are the fallen ones, the ones who’ve rebelled or fallen out of favor with the Angels. They lost their Angelic identities and powers, becoming human women with terrifying nightmares.

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  • Fae of the Week: Nephilim's Reign Model: Maggie Suito
Artist/Photographer: Joseph CorsentinoModel: Maggie Suito Artist/Photographer: Joseph Corsentino

    "Nephilim's Reign" is a Fae of the Week for the week of January 29-February 5, 2013. A FOTW is a featured image and is available in the store for 50% off for the week only. After that, it is available for the regular price. This is an open edition g...

  • Nephilim Angel by J. Corsentino

    Our Fae of the Week is a brand new Nephilim Angel.  We haven't played with the Nephilims in a long time, so we are very excited to work with these urban angels/lost souls. We'll delve more into their mythology as we continue work on the Afterlight ...

  • Fae of the Week: Angel in the City angel in the city full j corsentino (2)

    “Angel in the City” is our Fae of the Week for the week of May 2-9, 2012. Come back next week to see what our FOTW is. Please scroll down to see close-ups of the image.    

  • Fae of the Week: Denim Day 2012 Denim Day 2012

    Fae of the Week: "Denim Day 2012" A Nephilim angel is a fallen angel without memory or power. She wears torn denim and white tank tops to represent all the human horrors she has suffered. Her fate does not end there, because she will grow strong once a...

  • Fae of the Week: Broken Wings Broken Wings Angel full

    “Broken Wings” is a Nephilim angel, a modern day angel stranded in the cold city of Los Angeles. It's been awhile since we posted a Nephilim angel, but never underestimate these disenfranchised creatures. Please scroll down to see close-ups of...

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  • J. and D. CorsentinoFae of the Week comes from Gen 4 during pre production of the entire TOTF universe. This image was chosen this...

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