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Fae of the Week: I Cry by J. Corsentino

j corsentino vampire darkling i cry tears 3

This is one of the first photo shoots of 2013.  To celebrate, we stretched ourselves to try new things with hair and costume.  The model, Veronica, was not only beautiful, she was gung-ho and cheered us on.  Keep an eye out for a behind the scenes video clip to see Veronica in action. Please scroll […]

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Fae of the Week: Red, Red Jewel, vampire image by J. Corsentino

j corsentino vampire red rose

This week’s Fae of the Week is “Red, Red Jewel,” a simple vampire image.  However, even the simplest image takes Joseph Corsentino hours of work, not including the actual photo shoot itself.  The eyes alone can take hours and dozens of layers in Photoshop. This image is a Fae of the Week. A FOTW is […]

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Fae of the Week: “Sinful”, vampire image by J. Corsentino

j coresntino vampire fairy sinful 2

“Sinful” is a brand new Sin Eater vampire by J. Corsentino.  The image is lush and dark. The wings are created using actual bat wings.  Nothing else gives us the velvet texture that real bat wings give. “Sinful” is our Fae of the Week for the week of November 19-26, 2012. A FOTW is a […]

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Fairy Vs. Darkling Vampire – 11am PST on Saturday – Fairy VirtualCon

Vote for your favorite! Fairy Vs. Darkling Vampire with  special host fairy/vampire model Arron Marie Fenton on Facebook!  To participate, all you have to do is log into your Facebook at 11 a.m PST.  Visit us on our Facebook fan page.  Arron will chat a little bit about her work as both a fairy and […]

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PRE-ORDER the new Generation One Art Book by J. Corsentino

time of the faeries generation one art book cover

This is the highly anticipated Generation One Art Book by J. Corsentino. This beautiful, glossy art book contains Joseph’s collected work from his formative years, 2005-2006. While containing old favorites such as “Oops” and “Twilight Moon Rising”, the Gen One art book also contains never before seen faeries, angels, and vampires. Many of these images […]

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Time of the Faeries Art Calendar App


Time of the Faeries On The Go ArtCal features 12 exquisite ultra-high resolution HD images within a fully featured calendar app. Overlay the calendar in either a day, week or month view on top of Time of the Faeries’ beautiful art work. The months feature different images, each of which can be scaled with zooming […]

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Fae of the Week: “Vail”, a white-haired vampire

Vail closeups

Fae of the Week: April 18-24, 2012 “Vail” is our Fae of the Week. A FOTW is a specially featured image. “Vail” is a darkling vampire image.  Vail is a very tempting vamp, but oh such bad news.  Be ware of her loveliness.  It hides a twisted soul not averse to taking whatever she wants. […]

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Fae of the Week: A Vampire is Created on Friday the 13th

Bites in the City

Fae of the Week – January 19 to 25, 2012 “Bites in the City” is our Fae of the Week. A FOTW is a specially featured image that is half off the regular price for the entire week in our online store. “Bites in the City” is one of Joseph Corsentino’s newest modern vampire image. […]

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