Faeries Modeling Information and FAQ

Want to become a fairy or model for us?

Everyday, we receive requests from models and fans who wish to become fairies and who would like to do photoshoots with us. We would love to accept all requests and turn everybody into fairies. That is, after all, our philosophy in life! Live, have fun, and make magic! However, it just isn’t possible to do so, for obvious reasons.

Still, we do accept submissions and when a particular model fits a particular fairy role, we can make magic together!

What is the submission process?

If you are genuinely interested in becoming a fairy, please e-mail us at admin@timeofthefaeries.comwith your name, your contact information, and a photograph. Your photograph does not have to be professional, it just has to show your face, figure, and that fae spark that we look for. You may not receive a reply from us, but we definitely keep all potential models on file for when a project comes up.  Alternatively, you can connect with us on http://www.modelmayhem.com/17037.

What are our requirements?

Our requirements are that you have that indefinable “spark”, live in Los Angeles or at least be able to travel to Los Angeles, and be willing to sign a model release form. We are not looking for a particular age, sex, race, or look. It does help if you know which of our species you identify with most, fairy, angelus, vampiri, or elemental. Do we shoot male faeries? Yes, we shoot male fairies, angels, etc. If you are a male model and are interested, do send us your picture.

What if you live outside of the Los Angeles area?

We travel to New York frequently. Send us your submission and we might call you up if we happen to be in the area.

What does a Fairy Photoshoot entail?

A lot of hard work, ingenuity, creativity and flexibility on everyone’s part! First, a potential fairy is called in for a test shoot, primarily to see which of the species he or she best represents. Then, comes the design stage where Joseph, Donny, and maybe even the model collaborate on a “look”, a scene, or a costume. Then, Donny and Joseph hunts for the right materials to create the costume. The model returns for a fitting, finalization of the costume, and any last minute changes. Next, the whole crew goes on the photoshoot, perhaps in the studio, perhaps on location. That is not, of course, the end of the creation process. For Joseph, that is only the beginning. For the next few weeks, possibly even months, Joseph works on the photographs, one at a time, creating fairy artworks for everyone to enjoy and ponder. The model receives a unique portfolio of images. Fairy aficionados receive new, intriguing fairies and Joseph adds another piece to his fairy lore.

Who keeps the rights to the images? What does the model get in return?

We do insist that you sign a model release form so that we explicitly own the rights to the images. We can send you a copy of the form before the photoshoot so that if you are not happy with the terms, you can tell us ahead of time, and no harm done. As the model, you have the right to display the images for your own personal use and in a modeling portfolio. We provide you with a CD disk with some of the raw, un-retouched images, as well as final artwork in high resolution. If you bring a USB flash drive on the day of the photoshoot, you can take the raw images home with you immediately.  You have the right to print up your images for personal use and as gifts for your friends and family.

Are we looking for a particular model right now?

We are always open to new submissions. We are on a permanent look-out for new Vampiris and Street Faes. We are always interested in traditional fairies, though they are lower on our priority. We hope to be done with principal photography in the next few months so that we can start work on creating the much anticipated Time of the Faeries: Afterlight, vol 2 book.

Does Joseph accept commissions?

Yes, he does. Please e-mail us at admin@timeofthefaeries.com.  All commissions include the cost of studio, costume, make-up, model, and the artist’s time and talent.  Which is to say, serious inquiry only.

Can Joseph just fairify one picture?

We used to, but not anymore as we are concentrating on creating the graphic novel series.


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