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The Legend of Icarus


“Never fall from grace, for you will never be allowed to return.” The legend of Icarus started with her, the first fallen angel. But she still seeks to regain her powers to this day…and beyond.

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Afterlight Angel on the Warpath


“Warpath” was a hotly debated image on our Facebook Fan page. People could not decide between a blue version or the red version, so artist Joseph Corsentino compromised and combined both colors create this dynamic photograph.

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An Angel Hungering for your Life

Afterlight Angel Kai Lust Closeup 1

This is one of the scarier images in The Afterlight graphic novel, that of the main character Halyon in the throes of Kai lust. You never want to see your hero go through something like this.

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First Look at Main Character Halyon in the Afterlight Graphic Novel

Halyon Angel First Look Closeup

This image is the first time that we see the Afterlight Angel Halyon emerge. After dozens of photoshoots, the look and character came together to produce this fantastic hero shot, which inspired countless later images.

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Fae of the Week: Water Goddess

Water Goddess Closeup

“Water Goddess” is another legend from the long forgotten days of Kailand. Her status as a Royal fairy means most fairies have only heard of her, never seen her. She whispers to the waters, and it whispers back to her, caresses her, and obeys her without question. “Priestess” is our Fae of the Week for […]

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Fae of the Week: Priestess

Priestess Portrait

“Priestess” is the magickal teacher to the faeries. Back in the days of Kailand when the faes are numerous, it was Priestess who was responsible for teaching the young, newly formed and terribly mischievous faeries how to channel their energies, turning utter chaos into glorious possibility. “Priestess” is our Fae of the Week for the […]

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Draw Melt, an Evening with Time of the Faeries FEB 20, 7-10pm

Liz Katz as Feral Faerie

Artists, illustrators, and fairy enthusiasts! Want to draw one of our Time of the Faeries models? Join us for Draw Melt, An evening with TIME OF THE FAERIES! fast cash without credit check Come draw models from the Photo-illustrated Novel, Afterlight. Not an artist? Come chat with the TOTF crew and model and enjoy wine […]

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Fae of the Week: Piper’s Spectrum

Piper's Spectrum

A modern faerie is a colorful personality. This faerie, Piper, is more colorful than most. Her sense of independence is both her strength and her weakness. “Piper’s Spectrum” is our Fae of the Week for the week of February 15-22. A FOTW is a specially featured image that is half off the regular price […]

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Fae of the Week: Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink Profile shot

“Pretty in Pink” shows a Street Faerie who has gained a lot of confidence and is close to evolving into a Modern Faerie. “Pretty in Pink” is our Fae of the Week for the week of February 9-16. A FOTW is a specially featured image that is half off the regular price for the …

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Fae of the Week: Corrupted Male Faerie Photoshoot with Tensei Sugahara

Male Faerie close-up

Time of the Faeries did a fabulous photoshoot with Tokyo model Tensei Sugahara. The concept started out as a Phelan, a male faerie, but evolved to become a corrupted form of the creature. “Melting into Darkness” is our Fae of the Week. A FOTW is a specially featured image that is half off the regular […]

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